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Empower Your Business with Expert IT Consulting

Bespoke IT Infrastructures for Every Business

Discover the Blue Equinox Advantage

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The world has changed. Are you prepared?

Most organizations - from small and medium-sized businesses to global enterprises - face many challenges in today's fast-paced technology-centric environment. We're here to help you solve these complex problems with bespoke IT consulting services that are built to last.

Employees are working from home.

Most employees today work remotely, opening the door for attackers. But most organizations aren't prepared to protect their infrastructure from attacks.

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Cyber threats are growing.

Small information security teams are stretched thin, and executives are unsure where they have blind spots or exposures.

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Keeping up with technology is tough.

A massive wave of innovation and technology has created a confusing marketplace where it's almost impossible to "know what you don't know."

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Finding and retaining IT talent is hard.

Employees with specialized skill sets are difficult to find and even harder to keep, especially on a budget. But organizations can't function without IT.

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New laws means more regulations.

Regulations and compliance requirements are always changing, and executives are often uncertain about where the company is currently exposed.

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Cutting costs is a top priority.

Legacy IT budgets and contracts often aren't optimized, leading to investments in the "wrong" places and lack of investments in the "right" ones.

At Blue Equinox, we see these challenges as an opportunity to connect clients with custom-tailored solutions and services that can propel us all forward into the future.

What We Do

Our IT consulting services are designed to meet your IT consulting needs, whether you're a small to medium-sized businesses or a global enterprise. From healthcare organizations and community banks to manufacturing companies higher education institutions, we provide bespoke IT infrastructures designed for unique business needs.

IT Consulting Services

We know how challenging it is to navigate the modern digital world alone. More than likely, your business simply doesn't have the resources it needs to invest in a dedicated in-house IT department. That's where we come in. Our professional IT consulting services are designed to help you better understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie so you can fix them fast and with the future in mind.

We help organizations of all sizes and across industries, no matter where you operate.

We conduct a free IT workshop to get a better understanding of your company, its vulnerabilities and control gaps.

We design a custom-tailored IT infrastructure for you, and help you operate it every step of the way.

We help businesses close gaps in security, meet compliance obligations, and get access to 24/7 IT support to ensure business continuity for your daily operations.

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Our Partnership Programs

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We help Alliance Partners connect with potential clients.

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We help professional IT consultants grow their business.

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We help connectors make commissions on referrals.

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It takes more than tech to win. It takes a team.

Hear from some of our clients about their experience with Blue Equinox.

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The IT Audit identified several areas where we were out of compliance. But what really surprised me was how we could implement necessary cybersecurity upgrades and still save $5,700.00 a month.

Anita S.

Operations Director

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I was skeptical about the IT audit. But the Heat Map provided me a simple summary. I was able to discuss our technology environment with our CFO and get a budget for some needed system upgrades.

Jim F.


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Our environment is unique. Being able to work through security, network and data issues with a team of experts gave us an extra set of eyes and was a huge time saver for our IT Team.

Jessica L.

IT Director

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