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The Blue Equinox Difference

Your IT Infrastructure is the backbone of your business. Any gaps in security or coverage could result in outages, catastrophic data loss, ransomware attacks, and ultimately, a halt in your ability to conduct business. Add to that, skyrocketing prices have had a direct impact on your bottom line.

It’s time that technology demanded less and delivered more. Less business interruptions and more protection. Less headaches and more solutions. Less limits and more flexibility. Less expenses and more return for the dollars spent. And less complications and more problem solving.

That’s what Blue Equinox is all about – keeping your business secure, profitable and competitive! We do this in a way that saves our customers 20-30% on all of their core technologies.

And it all starts with the IT, Technology and Cybersecurity Audit – where we get to know your business. From the unique compliance issues you may face, to the specific customer concerns, and even the way you work (whether it’s from home, in the office, or a hybrid setup).


IT, Technology & Cybersecurity Audit

Reduce risk, increase compliance, save time, and improve ROI


Each IT, Technology & Cybersecurity Audit is reviewed by a panel of cybersecurity, network, communication, and IT experts to identify any potential security gaps and areas where you might be out of compliance. In addition, this expert panel uncovers areas where you are overspending and provides recommendations on ways to improve performance and bottom-line ROI.

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Your Environment Has Changed – Has Your Technology?

Over the past couple of years, the way you do business has changed radically. It’s time to assess HOW you DO business and make sure it fits your changing environment. This starts with a thorough review of your technology.


We help you get ready to take on the biggest waves

A meeting with a Blue Equinox Consultant is like surfing with the legendary big kahuna himself.  We pull out all the stops no matter your business size.  We become your single point of contact to keep things simple, yet we have a Rolodex of fully vetted product matter experts that have the right solution to your specific IT challenge AND we aren’t using you to cut our teeth.  We will introduce you to best-in-brand solution for every IT service you need as a customer in our portfolio.  We do this every day all day.  Keep asking the questions and we will keep getting the answers.  We will help educate you on your IT choices and decisions.  We stay with you the whole time you are a customer – even providing you a team to help you an extra set of helping hands when it comes time to implement.

Technology Simplified

The Benefits of an IT, Technology & Cybersecurity Audit

Empower Your IT Team

Your IT Team is awesome! But everybody has their strengths – and their weaknesses. Our IT Audit identifies provides your IT Team with an entire toolset to augment and Level Up your IT Team.

Powerful Reports and Assessments

Identify risk & exposure with a Cybersecurity Assessment,  a Heat Map visualizes areas of concerns, & a 12 Month Road Map simplifies implementation.

Reduced Risk & Increased Compliance

59% of all Cybersecurity insurance claims don’t get paid because the business doesn’t do all they can do to maintain compliance and reasonably protect against cybersecurity threat. 

Expert Guidance & Personnel Resources

Every IT Audit is reviewed by a panel of Technology Experts to provide you top technology recommendations – including a CISO, Cybersecurity Engineer, Director of Managed Technology Services, Cloud & Data Recovery Engineer, Telecom Network Engineer, Data Network Engineer, Wireless Network Engineer, and VCIO.

Additional IT Technology & Resources

We introducing you to game changing in technology, security, and compliance solutions (usually reserved only for Elite Enterprise level companies). These are provided at prices even the smallest business can afford and will give you an edge over your competitors. 

Maximum ROI for Minimum Cost

Blue Equinox has negotiated exclusive deep discounts with thousands of national providers. This is possible because the IT Audit process bypasses the costs of traditional sales & marketing – often saving the vendor 20-40%. The vendors pass these deep discounts directly onto your business.

Implementation Made Easy

Once you choose to implement a presented solution, Blue Equinox provides an entire implementation team – consisting of an Account Manager, Project Manager, and Customer Service Representative that virtually embeds as part of your team. This team takes the burden of any challenges or difficulties often encountered during the onboarding process, ensuring your organization experiences a seamless transition and upgrade as you implement new technologies. This Concierge Service is provided as part of the Blue Equinox experience at no charge to your business.

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What Customers are Saying about the IT, Technology & Cybersecurity Audit

The IT Audit identified several areas where we were out of compliance. But what really surprised me was how we could implement necessary cybersecurity upgrades and still save $5,700.00 a month.

Anita S.

Operations Director

Our environment is unique. Being able to work through security, network and data issues with a team of experts gave us an extra set of eyes and was a huge time saver for our IT Team.

Jessica L.

IT Director

I was skeptical about the IT audit. But the Heat Map provided me a simple summary. I was able to discuss our technology environment with our CFO and get a budget for some needed system upgrades.

Jim F.


My favorite part? Definitely the Good, Better, Best options. We chose Best and are implementing 2 years of our technology roadmap over the next 3 months. All with a 15% savings.

Robert S.


3 Ways Your Business Saves Critical Time

With a Comprehensive IT, Technology & Cybersecurity Audit 

6 Technology Audits In One

We audit all 6 silos of technology in one comprehensive audit. This condenses the time it typically takes to perform audits on your key technologies and keeps all your technologies cutting edge. Many businesses have been able to cut accomplish 2-3 years of their Digital Transformation Goals while enjoying significant savings. 

Intense Vetting Process

We thoroughly vet all the technology partners we work with, auditing their customer satisfaction scores and business process to ensure any solution they offer measures up to the highest technological standards. We only introduce you to service providers that meet our stringent standards and offer significant cost savings.

Staff Augmentation

We bring a team of experts during each step of the process. Technology Experts (including Cyber, Data & Communication specialists) review your technology during the audit process. Our team of project management take the pain and stress of implementation any technologies away and allows your IT team to focus on more important issues.

6 Silos of IT

Managed IT Services

We review your IT Staffing to make sure they are able to keep up with all the technology demands on them. We will provide solutions that streamline processes like AI Network, Virtual CIO, Virtual Help Desk, Managed Support, add any other IT Staffing needs.

Security & Compliance

We will review your security threat profile and provide you a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment. This will include understanding how you manage devices, users and the data you manage. As well as how your business measures up to the regulatory and compliance issues facing your specific industry.

Cloud & Disaster Recovery

Cloud backup is often an expensive and high area of risk for many companies. We review your Disaster Recovery plan to make sure your data is being backed up and protected against cyber threat. In addition, we make sure your risk of data loss is within the Data Loss tolerance desired for your organization. We also make sure your Backup and DR programs are optimized, efficient and as cost effective as possible.

Voice, Video & Chat Communication (UCaaS)

We thoroughly review the way your company is communicating to ensure it fits the way that is best for your type of organization. We will assess you Voice, Fax, Video, Chat, SMS and all other types of communications. If appropriate, we will introduce you to solutions that improve results and provide significant savings through a simplified communications solution (often called UCaaS).

Managed Data

As businesses move to the cloud, data has become a critical backbone of many organizations, as more key operational services (including communications, merchant services, backup and many Software as a Service applications). We will review your data to ensure your data capacity meets your business needs. In addition, we will discuss data redundancy options, data usage optimization options (like SD-WAN), and review ways to increase data capacity and save money.

Mobility & the Internet of Things (IOT)

We will review your Mobility & Internet of Things footprint to understand how you are interfacing with technological devices, what type of endpoints you are managing, and what potential threats these endpoints present.

We Thoroughly Vet Each Recommended Technology Provider

At Blue Equinox, our reputation is everything! Our customers are our most precious resource and we don’t just introduce them to anyone.


Before a vendor becomes approved and they are introduced to our customers, our Vendor Approval Team puts their business through a highly intense audit and business review process. We scrutinize their customer reviews & SLAs. We reach out to dozens of their current and long-time customers to make sure they received exceptional service and were provided truly unique products and services at price points that are significantly better than their competitors offered. We make sure these customers are highly satisfied with the relationship and the vendor went out of their way to resolve any issues that may have popped up. Most importantly, we make sure these customers would recommend this vendor to their closest family and friends. Once we get an overwhelmingly strong case, we add the vendor to our trusted family of partners we will likely introduce you to during the IT Audit Process.


However, we have strategic relationships (and negotiated discounts) with thousands of the top technology providers throughout the country.  If there is a specific partner you want us to bring into the conversation, please let us know during the IT Audit Process, and we will be happy to provide an introduction.

Advanced Technology Solutions

All Blue Equinox partners provide the latest cutting-edge technology generally reserved for Enterprise level businesses. Because Blue Equinox buys in such large quantities, this technology is available to our customers in Small & Medium Level tiered structures with highly discounted pricing. This means – regardless of size – your business can remain relevant, competitive and secure.

Trusted Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions at Small Business Prices

Blue Equinox provides Small and Medium businesses affordable pricing on the most advanced cybersecurity protection available. We go beyond Firewall, Antivirus and Antispam protection to bring you affordable advanced protection solutions, such as Adaptive Endpoint Management & Response, Password Vault, Mobile Device Management, Managed Security Operation Centers (SOC), DNS Protection, Email Encryption, Cyber Awareness Protection, Compliance Audits, and Pen Testing. 

Advanced AI Business Support Tools

We bring you smarter business tools. Including tools that monitor your entire IT infrastructure in real-time to identify tier 1 service issues. This saves your IT team time by identifying and solving issues before the end user even realizes the issue exists. This reduces tickets, minimizes down time and increases user satisfaction scores. In addition, we provide AI powered end point detection to identify user patterns. When a user deviates from their normal behavior, they are put under high scrutiny – forced to verify their identity, or shut down if they present a clear risk. This provides an extra layer of protection for your network and data.

Risk, Compliance and Security Solutions

We make sure your data is secure and you are meeting or exceeding your compliance standards. With Compliance as a Service, it’s easy to document how you are meeting your compliance standards. In addition, in the event of a cyber breach, you provide the necessary documentation to prove you did everything reasonable for your cyber insurance to pay the claim. And if you need cybersecurity insurance – we’ve got solutions for that too!

Do You Provide Superior Service?

Blue Equinox is looking to partner with the best technology providers. If your customers love the service you provide and you are looking for a partner that can help grow your business – we would love to talk about the Blue Equinox Engine Partner Program.

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