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Fact is, no business can operate with all its people locked under one roof, 24/7, chained to one piece of hardware and get anything done. Cloud solutions are how you implement the best software, auto-update software, store info in case of hardware failure, and have staff work from any location on any device and still have access to company data.

What about all your other software and hardware management/updates? Still need humans for that! Providers of Managed Services have to be fastidious, intelligent, loyal, and approachable. Might sound like finding needles in hay stacks but we have you covered. We can direct you to the right fit for your business no problem.

No more post-it notes, no more feeling like your life is over when a piece of hardware breaks, no more excuses for low employee productivity. So simple and so affordable. Finally!

Help Desk

vCIO Services

IT & Technology Audit Explained

Co-Managed/Hybrid IT Solutions

Fully Outsourced IT Solutions

Cloud Optimization

Backup Solutions

Disaster Recovery (DR)

Virtual Servers

Virtual Desktops


No secret sauce here. Or maybe you can say it’s all a secret sauce! It is the protection of your data and records. The sum of your data and records is how you execute your business plan, keep a stable net worth, and, ultimately, wake up the next morning and carry on business as usual. Security is never a want. It is a need. For the most part cyber security is broken up into proactive (prevention) and reactive (full out battle mode once attack has happened). Security companies usually have niches or specialties in one or the other. This is because businesses need specifics in one or the other. Make no mistake, without a plan you are vulnerable to a catastrophic degree. We have held hands and been a shoulder for companies that have been without. It was also in some businesses you would least expect. We have taken great care to provide you with an elite line up of options for a customized protection plan against your strongest virtual threats. We make sure not to overwhelm you with the options and find you a fit for your budget and needs.

vCISO Services

Cybersurity Assesment Explained

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

EDR (End Point Detection & Response)

SASE (Secure Access Service Edge)

24/7 SOC Solution

Advanced Antivirus Protection

Password Vault

Zero-Trust VPN Optimization

CaaS (Compliance as a Service)

Work From Home Safely

UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service)

How many different ways can you get a phone call or make a phone call? How many different ways do you need to? We have helped businesses do it about every way imaginable. No, seriously….ask us to tell you some stories. It’s such a crucial part of your business. We understand and that is why we have quite a range of small and large service providers we show our clients. Currently this is an IT hot spot. Vendors seem to pop up overnight. The setup of these voice companies varies greatly and is quite specific in its capabilities. This means one voice vendor will not be geared perfectly to every business. We research and vet out all the vendors in our portfolio so we understand the switch, support, and feature/functionality setup offered. Only the best make the cut. Our job is to make sure you clearly understand your choice and that the special snowflake capabilities of your voice vendor match your business perfectly.

Managed Voice


UCaaS Audit Explained

SMS (Text Messaging)

IM (Instant Messaging)


The necessary evil. Most businesses have no love for their bandwidth provider. Bandwidth is really your internet (what makes your phone ring and your systems work) and defined as the amount of data that can be transferred in a given time. That is why you have different conduits that the data runs through and different speeds to choose from. Whew! There really are a ton of options. Bandwidth gets a bad rap when it isn’t always to blame. Remember, all your other services run off this one. We look at your infrastructure as a whole with your team. Yes, we make sure we give you the outage info on your service provider selection and help you carefully pick the right technology and speed…but, we also make sure your bandwidth doesn’t bottleneck anywhere (i.e. your phone’s network, hardware network, WAN network, etc.) That is a lot of breaking points and businesses have different data transfer needs. We help you look at all of it with all the different players to ensure a successful set up. The more everyone knows the faster any hiccups can be fixed because the culprit is easier to identify. This helps avoid the typical finger pointing in an outage. No solution is fool proof, but we work on best case scenario.

Managed Data

Backup Data Optimization

Managed Data Audit Explained

Zero-Trust VPN Optimization

Office to Office Connect


There is no one definition for Software-Defined Wide Area Network or SD-Wan. Is it important? Why? Well…. yes… it has become very important because technology has evolved. Wide Area Networks (WAN) have gotten more complex to manage because of the shifts in internet and cloud services. Now businesses use several different pathways to transmit information. Yes, you do too. You also have some sort of traditional WAN device. Simply put, your data has to travel backward to go forward with traditional WAN devices. Are you having problems with performance and speed from your systems? This is probably why. SD-Wan is the only device currently used to accurately and intelligently direct your data traffic in one direction from a central hub. This is the best way to optimize the performance of your applications/software in your business. Your data doesn’t waste time having to go backward. Now you can really see those bandwidth speeds you purchased working.


We all have opinions on the name of this Pandora’s Box (really…I0T?…vague much?) Let’s simplify. You probably already own a device using IoT. It is simply an object that sends and receives data through the internet. A fitbit watch, a smart scale in your bathroom that weighs you and connects to an app, the alarm on your home, or your car all use IoT devices. Now makers of these little devices have developed more of a wash, rinse, repeat method to make almost any object have IoT capabilities. The thought process here is simply endless. Now, let’s think of real world concepts for you in your business. Think of objects in your daily that would provide you with better analytics if you knew more about the immeasurable variables affecting the process the object is involved in. How many times it was moved, opened, or how far it traveled? Maybe you want to know more about how to increase its lifespan or why it keeps breaking? Perhaps safety is your main concern and want to ensure your SOP is being followed? IoT could be a solution for any of these scenarios. The data sent and received just creates smarter analytics and tracking. The insight it provides is what allows businesses to change, develop, and grow with less risk and better management.

(AI) Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Business Intelligence


Hardware breaks. New locations open. Technology evolves. All of these are reasons you may be looking at a big out-of-pocket expense on hardware. We have vendors and we have options. How about we bake it into your service solution so you don’t ever have to out right buy hardware again? Our providers lease the hardware to match the service options you are choosing. That means you no longer pay for breaks and you no longer are stuck with a pile of outdated hardware. You can simply upgrade and change as your service needs evolve and change with your business. BOOM!


If we listed out every IT service into its own section your head would spin off or you would fall asleep. This section is meant to clarify that specific industry verticals do exist in information technology. All of the services listed to this point are applicable to every business. This section pays homage to the fact we know other needs are out there and we aren’t ignoring them in our audit. Some of you have high printing demands, need cable TV packages for rooms, different WIFI setups, keyless door entry, stronger encrypting of data, and so on and so forth. We have endless customers in Hospitality, Automotive, Banking, Insurance, Medical, Distribution/Shipping, etc. We have worked out the particulars on industry-specific needs with very focused vendors. No IT need is too small, frivolous, or unspecific to not be outlined in your infrastructure. All parts must play well together and be identified. We were serious when we said we are here for you.

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