Designed to provide anyone with an interest in IT with unique opportunities to level up in the industry.

Not everyone in business or sales has the same plan: same pitch, same customers they target, same icebreakers, same patterns to get to the decision its understandable you don't want one option to achieve your end result.  We cut out the small fries and offer you only the whoppers.  Become an AGENT, a REFERRAL PARTNER, or a LICENSE AGREEMENT HOLDER with Blue Equinox.  Don’t worry. They all wear like an Armani suit because they were made to fit you and your business end.


An Agent model that's hard to beat

If you are good at your job in sales, the only thing holding you back is your product.  Our company has a seemingly endless portfolio of IT products and services.  As an agent for Blue Equinox, you will never find a customer anywhere in the world you can't provide a full list of IT services to.  The kicker......agent spiffs with Blue are unrivaled in the industry.  This isn't a hard decision.  It's a smart, lucrative step in the right direction.  Put your selling socks on and lets go!  LEARN MORE


Don't Refer out, Refer in

Everyone in IT sees needs for customers outside their wheelhouse of services.  Typically, you would just refer them to another business for that service and move on.  A different, better, easier approach to this daily, weekly, monthly scenario would be to become a referral partner with Blue Equinox.  Why?  You don't have to remember the leaders in the other IT markets.  You don't have to worry about a referral going bad to your customer and them blaming you.  With Blue's IT network of providers, we can take care of any IT need anywhere with the biggest and best providers.  You make one handoff and that customer gets what they need.  The best part?  You get paid for the referral. LEARN MORE


The 1-2-3 to building your own Consulting Business

License Agreement Holders have the best of every world.  This partnership lets proven sales performers stop working for the man. Recreating the wheel isn't necessary to increase your monthly recurring revenue.  We have a big wheel running smoothly already.  Easy and practical is the name of the game here. Use our inner office infrastructure as your own and sharpen your sales skills with our Veteran CEO in 1-1 sales coaching.  You get to go out and do for yourself what you already do everyday...….Sell.  Not only that, by leveraging our vendor resources, you will be able to provide any customer, no matter their geographical location, multiple service options from the biggest, best, and boutique service providers.  You will now have in your arsenal the ability to sell every form of business technology. The best part? You now have a growing monthly income no one can take away. You are growing your own business (your own or the one we helped you start) and earning higher margins that possible anywhere else in the industry. Ssshhhhh, we have a secret. LEARN MORE

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