Designed to provide IT-minded individuals and business owners with unique opportunities to expand their service offerings and grow their net worth.

Recreating the wheel isn't necessary to increase your monthly recurring revenue.  We have a big wheel running smoothly already.  Easy and practical is the name of the game here.  We make becoming a REFERRAL PARTNER or a TOTAL SOLUTIONS PROVIDER an easier decision than picking your favorite taco. Where have we been, right?!  The years missed!  No worries.  We are here to stay and we can swap guacamole recipes next week.

Don't Refer out, Refer in

Everyone in IT sees needs for customers outside their wheelhouse of services.  Typically, you would just refer them to another business for that service and move on.  A different, better, easier approach to this daily, weekly, monthly scenario would be to become a referral partner with Blue Equinox.  Why?  You don't have to remember the leaders in the other IT markets.  You don't have to worry about a referral going bad to your customer and them blaming you.  With Blue's IT network of providers, we can take care of any IT need anywhere with the biggest and best providers.  You make one handoff and that customer gets what they need.  The best part?  You get paid for the referral. LEARN MORE


The 1-2-3 to bolt on ALL Technology Services to your business

Most businesses are very knowledgeable in their wheelhouse of technology.   Artificial Intelligence, Software Programming, Managed Services, name it and that is your comfort zone.  The end user customer needs all of you, but you only provide the one service.  You don't have the bandwidth or the knowledge to provide the others and your head is down trying to reach that dollar amount you need for your business to reach that end liquidity event.  This program was created to fix ALL that. We partner with YOU so you can offer your services to your customers AND sell them a full IT arsenal you know they need as well. We take care of service delivery, implementation, trouble tickets, and customer support.  The end result is that customer now seeing you as their technology go-to for everything and you have the ability to deliver without referring them to someone else.  Now you have residual income in sales you have made to your customers.  Your company's growth has just hit an accelerated rate.  LEARN MORE


TSP + Virtual Sales Staff

Selling not your strong point?  Can't hire and train additional sales staff to meet your needs?  We offer an additional program to our TSP's that allows them to leverage our executive sales team and sales staff at a fraction of the cost to sell for you as you.  The end user customer, new or existing, only hears us speak of your company and brand.  We will lead the charge to accelerate your business growth and remove the burden and exponential cost of building and managing a sales department. LEARN MORE

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