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Benefits of Audit

Empower Your IT Team:

Providing Map of Current Infrastructure

Our IT Audit offers a comprehensive assessment of your existing IT infrastructure. This includes creating a clear and detailed map of your current setup, helping your IT team gain a deeper understanding of your technological landscape.

Building Outsourced Support Team Around Current Team

We assist in augmenting your existing IT team by building a support framework that complements their skills and expertise. This ensures that your IT department has the necessary resources to handle any challenges that arise.

​​​Powerful Reports & Assessments

Cyberinsurance Qualification

Our assessments are designed to meet the criteria for cyberinsurance qualification. By conducting these assessments, you can demonstrate to insurers that you have taken proactive steps to secure your business against cyber threats.

Penetration Test

White-Hat Hacker Test: We conduct a small penetration test, to identify potential weaknesses in your security. This proactive approach helps you address vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

IT Budget Justification

Cost Optimization

Our Audit includes a thorough analysis of your IT budget. We identify areas where cost optimization is possible, enabling you to allocate resources more efficiently and reduce unnecessary expenses.

Layout of Vulnerabilities and Liabilities

We provide a comprehensive overview of vulnerabilities and liabilities within your IT infrastructure, helping you prioritize investments in areas critical to security and compliance.


Reduced Risk & Increased Compliance:

Detailed Reports on Findings

We provide you with detailed reports on our findings, highlighting areas of improvement. These reports serve as actionable roadmaps for reducing risk and enhancing compliance.

All Services Providing a Managed Component

Our services go beyond assessment and include a managed component. We work with you to implement solutions and continually monitor and manage your IT environment for ongoing risk reduction and compliance.

Inventory of Assets

We maintain an up-to-date inventory of your IT assets, ensuring that you have a complete and organized record of your technological resources.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Good, Better, Best Solution Options

We offer a range of solution options, allowing you to choose what best suits your needs and budget. This flexibility ensures that you always have access to the latest technologies and innovations.

IT Consultants That Stay Abreast on All Current IT Technologies

Our team of IT consultants is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest IT technologies and industry trends. This ensures that you receive expert guidance on the most current and relevant solutions.

Best in Brand Providers for Every Industry and Size

We partner with best-in-brand providers across various industries and business sizes, ensuring that you have access to cutting-edge technologies that align with your specific requirements.

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Lifelong Account Management

Research and Development Consulting:

Our commitment to lifelong account management includes research and development consulting. We continuously explore ways to enhance your IT infrastructure and strategy.

Quarterly Business Plan Reviews:

We conduct quarterly business plan reviews to assess your evolving needs and ensure that your IT strategy aligns with your broader business goals.

Staying Abreast of Changes in Client Industry or in IT Space:

We stay informed about changes in your industry and the IT space, enabling us to provide proactive recommendations that keep your IT strategy ahead of the curve.

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