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Connector Program

Easy as a Handshake

Give us a warm handoff and we do the rest

Blue Equinox loves our referral partners. We provide 25% monthly commission on every customer you send us that signs up for IT services. Those commissions come in every month for the life of that customer at Blue Equinox. Yep, you just sped up your retirement fund.

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of Businesses helped each year

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Best in brand service providers


Referral Program

Commissions earned for life on referring other businesses to Blue Equinox for an IT Audit


Informed Decision

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Of our customers feel more confident in their IT spend and services after our IT Audit.

6 Out of 8

Of our customers find ways to optimize or save on their IT Spend

IT Infrastructure Break Down For Every Business

Blue Equinox helps make this simple

Data Center 2.3%

Network Infrastructure 13.8%

Backup and Disaster Recovery 9.2%

Security Infrastructure 13.8%

Cloud Services 13.8%

Servers 4.6%

Data Storage 4.6%

Client Devices 2.3%

Applications 13.8%

Operating Systems 11%

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