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Raising the Bar

Since its beginning in 2005, Blue Equinox has pushed the envelope with consulting and business relationships.  We have cultivated a partnership ecosystem where everyone and everything jives. The end result? Our customers continue to get their minds blown!

We understand that IT is the backbone of every business. The IT industry changes often and any weak fronts existing in your IT infrastructure result in outages, catastrophic data loss, and, ultimately, a halt in business. Day in and day out we work on knowing the ins and outs of our service providers and bringing consummate professionals to our customers.  We do our homework and stay up to date on what your business needs no matter your business vertical. 

BLUE customers are given the white glove treatment 24/7 and 365. Utilizing our resources and portfolio of boutique and enterprise product matter experts makes it too easy for our customers to gain knowledge and power using their chosen IT services. We do all the heavy lifting for you. How can you talk yourself into saying no to that?

A meeting with a Blue Equinox Consultant is like pushing your own personal bat signal button. We pull out all the stops no matter your business size.  We have the best-in-brand of every IT service you need as a customer in our portfolio. We are your single point of contact to keep things simple, yet we have a Rolodex of product matter experts that fit your IT solution (even superheroes have gangs) AND we aren’t using you to cut our teeth. We do this every day all day. Keep asking the questions and we will keep getting the answers. We will help educate you on your IT choices and decisions. We stay with you the whole time you are a customer. And every time you see us we might be wearing black……or very, very dark shades of grey, so contact us today!

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